Writing Workshops in Brooklyn


Welcome to the FreeBird Writing Workshop!  

Have a great idea, but can't create deadlines?

Started writing the next great American novel, but not sure that your ideas are coming across clearly?

If you are a fiction writer, poet, playwright, or memoirist, and want to share and develop your work with other local authors, then you have come to the right place. All workshops consist of 6 writers and one instructor (a local and published author) and meet once a week for 8 sessions. 

Each workshop culminates in a “publishing party,” where the group celebrates their accomplishments by sending out 10-15 copies of their complete and revised piece to various literary journals and magazines in the hopes of getting recognized. A list of journals best suited for your genre/style will be provided. Writing doesn't have to be a solitary sport. Get involved with your community with the hopes of reaching thousands of others through publication - and for half the price of most other programs!

"I think the workshops were a great way to connect to other people who are struggling to make their work a reality. It really helps to keep you writing and thinking about your work when your everyday life often forces you to put your own writing second." - Mila Golubov

"This is the place I've hoped to find in the community - motivating and inspiring. I've made local friends who have improved my writing and taught me a great deal through their own ongoing work."  - Erin Rakow

"Rachel created a completely safe environment that stripped me of any previous self-consciousness. I have never enjoyed writing more and was happy to share with my group." - Kathryn Sanders

"The workshop was excellent. I found Hilary to be a very thoughtful, conscientious instructor who clearly gave each student's weekly submissions a lot of thought and effort. She provided each of us with intelligent, insightful feedback in her comments. Over the course of the workshop, I found myself putting a lot of stock in her opinions and will bear her instruction in mind going forward." -Sam Sohn 

"This workshop is run by a master of diplomacy. Rachel Ephraim understands the true meaning of constructive criticism. Through this workshop I have developed my skills as a writer in fiction, poetry and playwrighting. This workshop has also helped to be more productive." - Danielle Bauman

"Justin Bryant is an excellent writing teacher. He is able to strike just the right balance between honest, in-depth criticism an positive support. His feedback always felt fair-minded, intelligent and sensitive, and he did a great job of balancing and tying together the various viewpoints in the group. He is generous about sharing his knowledge and graciously offered a variety of resources for writers to pursue beyond the workshop. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in improving and understanding their craft, regardless of genre, style or level of experience." --Shelli Rosen 

"I've used a group forum to workshop in the past, but never so small a group. As opposed to classes in college with 15 people, I got to know everyone here on a personal level. This is the best writing workshop I've had to date and Rachel's feedback has helped me tremendously. I finally feel like I'm getting my novel off the ground!" - Lauren DiGiacomo 

"Rachel leads the workshop with authority, knowledge and confidence, but most of all she is kind. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is serious about writing."  - Kelly Clayton

"I thoroughly enjoyed my Freebird experience.  Justin Bryant is a talented instructor who provides constructive criticism that is both insightful and encouraging. He was able to maintain a safe, positive environment where everyone was comfortable sharing their work. -Lexie Smyth

"I recommend FreeBird Workshops to any writer teetering on the edge of discovery. Throughout the past 8 weeks, I've been challenged to find, revise, and explore my voice. Rachel is an incredibly gifted guide who brings out the best in all of our work and leads each participant to look critically at not just the written word, but also the wider world around us." -  Marisa Catalina Casey