Writing Workshops in Brooklyn

Rates & Services

8 week workshop fee: $250

Includes: Guided verbal and written direction from instructor and peers and recommendations of where to publish your work!

Fall/winter workshop schedule:

Mondays, April 25th-June 13th , 7-9pm. Class led by Jonah Kruvant at instructor's home in the West Village. Directions emailed upon registration.

Rhinebeck/Red Hook schedule:

Please contact FreeBirdWorkshops@gmail.com for information on upcoming workshops in the Dutchess County area.

On-going private sessions arranged around your schedule. $50 includes a reading fee of 10 double-spaced pages and an hour of in-person or online feedback in any genre. Great for larger projects, literary submissions, or M.F.A portfolio guidance. 

*Full refunds are offered only if cancellation occurs at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of workshop. Otherwise, workshop credits are given based on available space of future workshops.

"I learned a great deal!  My structure and narration improved due to the great group I had the privilege of teaming up with and due to Rachel's tendency to be consistently thorough in her editing process." -Megan Mcleod

"It's wonderful to have such a small, thoughtful group to read and write with. Getting critiqued so frequently helped me build momentum and get into a good writing routine. I always left feeling encouraged, but also with a good sense of what needs work. This has been a great experience!" - Gena Smith

"Justin fosters an easy-going and positive workshop atmosphere without losing sight of the need for constructive criticism. Generous with his time beyond the call of duty, Justin's pep-talks about overcoming writer's block really helped me get a stalled project back on track." - Ella Fitzsimmons

"FreeBird Workshops provided a safe place to trade ideas on craft, to discuss the elements of story telling, and to weekly read engaging work written by fellow writers. The sense of community and camaraderie shared lent a delightfully personal touch  and, weekly, inspired me to write and read with vigor. All in all, it was a great experience.  Rachel is as astute a reader as she is empathetic and concerned with the workshoper's improvement." -Jason Collins

This was a positive workshop environment that was very well structured and supportive - intelligent and engaging. Rachel was very positive and helpful. She knows her craft and it showed, whether it be for short fiction, novel, or screenplay. She was well versed in all the different genres and approachable, affordable, and constructive. This workshop made me write, which I hadn't done in 5 years!           -Monica McMahon